Short Courses / AML Soft Skills for Public / Building Self-Discipline and Fostering Living Values

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Short Courses

Building Self-Discipline and Fostering Living Values

This first component of the AML Soft Skills Training Course helps participants

to understand the importance of their mental act of doing the thing they know they should do and when they should do it in order to attain their personal goal and to fulfill

their duty. Building their self-discipline enables participants to create new habits of
thought, action, and speech toward improving themselves and reaching goals. Participants will also learn about self-control that can help them resist their temptations to do other things that are not their priorities. With their self-discipline, participants will be able to make positive changes in their lives and reach long-term goals. In addition to self-discipline, this component introduces participants to a number of core living values, which are the principles and beliefs that influence the behavior and way of life of a group of people or community. Participants will learn about the things that are of worth to them and that shape their values. Fostering their values enables participants to define who they are and determine the choices they make in their academic as well as their professional lives.